Basic questions to ask anyone offering unmanned aerial photographs:

  1. Are you licensed by the FAA as an unmanned aircraft pilot?
  2. Do you have insuarnce for operating an sUAS?
  3. Is it possibe to safely conduct aerial photographs and video at the location I need photographed?
  4. Do you keep a flight log?
  5. What equipment do you use?
  6. What photograph and video licenses do you offer or retain?

Aerial images can be invaluable during litigation. Google Earth and other satellite images are not always up to date or have the level of detail required for litigation. There are many uses for aerial photographs and video in court. A few of the types of cases where aerial photogrraphs may be useful include boundary line, easement, vehicle accidents, and construction cases.

Do you need aerial photos or video for your case?

Aerial photography used for commercial purposes is controlled by the Federal Aviation Administration. I am a licensed unmanned aircraft pilot under Part 107 and now offer aerial photography for use in court cases. As an attorney I am also aware of the requirements for entering photos and videos into evidence during a hearing or trial and I am  willing to work with you and your legal counsel/attorney to appear in court.  To obtain high quality photos and video I use a DJI Phantom 4 Professional  sUAS that photographs using a 20 megapixel camera and 4K video.